Laser Welding Wire

Wire for the laser industry

We manufacture and supply laser welding wires for all laser welding applications of the industry and medicine branches.

Laser Welding Systems

The competence of creativity

The basis for your success in the welding business are high-perfomance, precisely working and robust laser welding systems.


Which Art?

Our new claim focusses the quada philosophy onto a somewhat unusual point.

We’ll move to a new facility

Beginning January 1st 2019 you’ll find us at this new address:
Hellestraße 40, 58675 Hemer

Our new phone number will be 0 23 72 / 55 64 1 – 0 from this date on.

Please keep in mind that our old phone number will be disconnected on December 31st 2018 and there will be no call forwarding or recorded message.

Guaranteed Quality

  • Exact Reproducibility
  • Inspection of the raw material charges.
  • Tensile strength, ductility and hardness.
  • Surface roughness
  • Corrosion protection