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What is Laser Welding?

Laser welding uses the laser´s energy as a source of heat. The welding is carried out by a pulsed laser. Here the workpiece is positioned under the microscope. Depending upon the material, damage and function of the workpiece, the welding wire is selected for its suitability of diameter and alloy. In most caes the wire is hand-held.

Only pulsed lasers are used when repair welding is done by hand. The so-called constant wave lasers (CW) are only used in connection with CNC controlled workpieces or optics.

The focus diameter on the workpiece surface, the pulse energy, pulse duration and the pulse frequency are set as the most efficient working parameters. The part to be welded is now observed , with the help of a reticule (cross wires) through the ocular. The filler material, mostly as wire is then placed on the place to be welded and the laser pulse melts the wire and the basis material below. The laser welding wire and the basis material then join together as a weld.

Depending upon the basis material, the desired characteristics and weldability there are different types of filler material between 0,10 mm and 0,80 mm in diameter which can be used.