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The areas of application / weldable materials


The applicability of the laser is manifold. The laser systems can be used not only for manual, but also for programmed working. The laser is mainly used in manufacturing and for repairs in the following fields:

Tool and Mould manufacturing


Worn and damaged moulds or tools can be manually or automatically repaired quickly using laser overlay welding. This method of overlay welding offers an economical solution for large or even the smallest of defects. It is also possible to manufacture new moulds economically.

Precision working techniques


The laser offers an economical solution when working on precision parts which cannot be welded using conventional methods.


Sensor Technology


The highly precise welding of pressure diaphragms, sensors, thermocouples and light sensors set new standards here as well.

Sheet metal working


Also in the area of sheet metal working it is possible to achieve low costs, high quality and increased productivity when using laser welding techniques.Even small parts such as tubes, profiles, housings, and all stainless steel parts for houshold equipment can be economically produced in small numbers. When laser welding, it is not necessary to grind and straighten afterwards.

Automobile Construction


Lasers have been used for years in the construction of vehicles. Whether in body work construction, drive axles,in the manufacture of pistons and partly in the manufacture of operatring elements.

Medical Technology


Many products and instruments in medical technology are being made using laser technology. The fineness, precision,speed and reproducibility when manufacturing different instruments, has enabled this method to achieve results of the highest quality.

Weldable Materials

  • non-alloy ferrous materials
  • low-alloy steels
  • high-alloy cold and hot working steels
  • stainless steel
  • steel and cast iron alloys
  • aluminium alloys
  • bronze, copper alloys
  • nickel-/nickel alloys
  • titan alloys
  • precious metals such as gold, silver and platin
  • plastics
  • ceramics
  • glass