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Product Information QuFe12 blank

Production streamlining on the basis of pricing pressure on the manufacturer’s side, is the reason why some products have been out of production.

In the last two years the production of our primary materials for QuFe11 blank, QuFe12 blank, QuFe13 blank and QuFe21 has been shut down or was stopped completely.

Luckily we could make our own manufacturing route for QuFe11 blank, QuFe13 blank and QuFe21.

For our laser welding wire QuFe12 blank we have no chance to manufacture it on our own. The sales figures of the last few years were to low that we could create an economic solution, which is also affordable for you.

We are very sorry that we have to take this wire from our range.

We will sell our remaining stocks to you, but a new production is not possible anymore.

If you have any questions regarding our non-copper coated wires and the alternatives, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your quada-team