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Our world is constantly changing. The technical possibilities increase every day.

It is often the case that yesterday´s unsolvable problems dissapear if you snap your fingers today.

This concerns the top tecnology of laser welding. Even though a lot has been achieved there are always new possibilities. Be it in the solving of problems. Be it in the extension of possibilities. Be it in the perfection of results.

This is the reason for us to pay full attention to continuous application advice.

The optimization process is never-ending:

  • Optimization of technology
  • Optimization of the materials
  • Optimization of the handling

For this reason we have erected our competence centre.

  • in order to train efficiently
  • in order to solve problems
  • in order to assist you with the application

If you have the feeling that you have to work below your possiblitities,

call us . We will certainly be able to bring you a step further.