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Which Art?

1. Technological art.

The laser´s ability give access to new worlds. Be it the scanning of data, laser surgery, laser cutting, laser welding or simply the high precision formation of light. The accuracy and the control of the laser is impressive. Hardly anything seems to be impossible even into the invisible micro-range.

2.Technical art.

The accuracy of this medium makes high demands on equipment. Enginering and quality of production are more important than function. Experience, know how and innovation open frontiers. Quada is convinced and therefore represents the equipment programme of ALPHA. Simple operation and high-perfomance equipment offer the best  conditions for the daily laser welding tasks. Our mutual motto : "Today´s Visions - Tomorrow´s Innovation". Of course the laser welder can only manage that which the equipment allows. It is decisive that the correct equipment in the correct constellation and with correct settings is used. For this reason, quada advises from the beginning of the planning  up to the selection, installation and use of the equipment.

3. The art of conception.

The skilful mixture of an active list of customers, the abilty to weld. technical facilities, target orientated calculation and offers in line with the market, result in the chance of success of a laser welding company. For this reason quada looks after the customers in terms of business consultancy. Not least because we originate from this branch. The success of our customers is highly important to us. Then their success is also our success.


4. The Art of Choosing Wire.

Only the correct welding wire in combination with the right welding techniques enable solutions even in new or difficult areas of work. If, on speciaöl occasions, the choice of  wire doesn´t solve the problem, we develop a new wire for the individual problem. Our seal of quality guarantees the best quality and usability.

5. The Art of Welding.

The laser welder , of course plays the major roll in the art of welding. We support the "Welding Artist" in word and deed so that he can achieve optimal results. Starting with training and further education and summiting in advice when choosing wires, welding techniques as well as solutions for individual problems .

The welder decides which tasks can be completed with which quality. This is why the TRAINING and the FURTHER EDUCATION of the welder is so important in the comprehensive concept of quada offers. The human is the centre of all things.


6. The Art of Solving Problems.

Sometimes there are problems or tasks which demand a lot of know-howor even newly developed solutions. For this reason we have founded our competence centre in Geisecke. Here we find the solutions to almost every new problem. The best techniques and expertise from all areas help us to succeed. We would be happy to solve your problems.

Because: " No Go" - No Chance (Nothing is impossible)


7. The Art of Combining Individual Disciplines.

Only when all components have been matched is it possible to achieve top results. quada has set its target to combine all individual disciplines into one universal competence. In this way quada is in a position to offer comprehensive support from one source - one partner for everything. We are also in a position to extend the boundaries of the feasible and utilize new possibilities.

This is why quada offers the complete package:

  1. Laser welding wire
  2. Laser welding systems
  3. Service
  4. Training and Courses
  5. Development of problem solutions.
  6. Comprehensive technical support

The whole subject of laser welding from one source.